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3rd Oakley Golf Cup: Sherwood Hills Golf ClubBack

7 October 2015

Oakley Philippines Golf Tournament


MANILA, Philippines – Over 100 participants — composed of CEOs, celebrities, seasoned players, aspiring athletes, as well as golf enthusiasts from across the country — gathered at the Sherwood Hills Golf Club for the highly-anticipated 3rd Oakley Golf Cup, the annual fundraising tournament hosted by Oakley for the benefit of The Junior Golfers League (TJGL).

Since 1975, Oakley, the renowned leader in eyewear and sport-specific gear, has continuously encouraged and supported aspiring sportsmen to nurture their athletic abilities by providing them not only with innovative gear to enhance their performance, but also by offering opportunities that allow active individuals to hone their skills through friendly competitions such as the Oakley Golf Cup.

For the third year in a row, through the golf tournament, Oakley hopes to build a thriving competitive golf future for the country by developing the potential of young, talented golfers such as the TJGL, the grassroots development league of the Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines.

Oakley Philippines Junior Golf

After teeing off at 8 a.m., groups — composed of three guest players and one junior golfer from the TJGL — made their way around the challenging 18-hole course, whose definitive slopes were designed to test the skills of golfers of all levels.

Oakley Philippines Golf 1

The morning games were made more fun with surprising challenges that tested the skill, focus, and coordination of the players. These included fire and bubble diversions, as well as one challenge that required golfers to hit bob heads — which sported the sleek Oakley sports eyewear — before proceeding to the next hole. Despite the mini-tests, the seasoned players showed how a win is no stroke of luck as they served up an entertaining game before the excited spectators.

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At the tournament, Oakley also showed how the players could take their game to the next level by letting them experience firsthand its revolutionary eyewear collections and products such as the Prizm Golf Radarlock Path sunglasses, an essential gear for any competition.

051815 Oakley_0025

Aside from providing players protection against sun, wind, and impact, the Prizm fine-tunes vision by emphasizing colors where the eye is most sensitive to detail. This translates to better vision on the field and a unique, competitive advantage for players.

Helping players push the limits further, Prizm’s lenses are optimized with unrivaled clarity and impact resistance, thanks to High Definition Optics, and are engineered to meet the uncompromising demands of world-class athletes. Prizm changes the game with a new definition of performance.

Like Oakley’s other lines, the Prizm not only works on the sloping contours of the golf course, it also works great under any environment. Athletes will reap the same enhanced performance in whatever sport or game.

After the friendly game on the green, scores were tabulated and winners were announced during the awarding ceremony. For the Men’s Division, Mark Telan was named Division D champion, Henry Batanones for Division C, Pablo Capati for Division B, and for Division A, Jorge Gallent was named winner again (two years in a row) with 70 strokes. The ladies proved their mettle on the course as well, with impressive scores. Grace Montilla was declared the champion for the Ladies Division.

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Seeing the veterans dominate the course with ease, the juniors were also inspired to win big. In the Kids Division, Paqo Barro proved he was the king of the hill with an impressive 71-stroke score.

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