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  • Oakley Prizm Lens

    18 January 2016


    Prizm ™ is a new Oakley lens technology that fine-tunes vision for specific sports and environments.


    Prizm ™ lenses fine-tune vision for specific sports and environments by emphasizing colors where the eye is most sensitive to detail, and improves performance and safety by enhancing vision.


    Prizm ™ Road lenses enhance vision in both bright light and shadows, helping riders spot changes in the texture of road surfaces.

    prizm road



    With Prizm ™ Daily Polarized, dull colors become warm and rich for sharper contrast and a more pleasing, relaxing visual experience.

    prizm daily



    Prizm ™ Trail enhances reds and browns so you can quickly spot sand, rocks, roots and other transitions in shade and bright light.

    prizm trail



    Prizm ™ Golf improves contrast for better separation of color and gives you more depth cues to gauge distance and grass conditions.

    prizm golf


    Try on a pair in our Stores Nationwide! 

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  • Clearance Sale on Oakley, Reef and Sunglass Haven

    10 December 2015


    We’re having our annual Clearance Sale this weekend! Gear up as we are giving up to 70% off on our eyewear, apparels and accessories. Check out Oakley, Reef and Sunglass Haven items at their lowest prices!

    Cross off your Christmas shopping list in one location.

    When: December 10 -12, 10am-5:30pm

    Location: 8062 JASRA Building, Estrella St., Corner St. Paul Rd, San Antonio Village, Makati City

    2 Clearance Sale_Dec 2015


    location map

    location map

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  • Oakley Philippines VIP Event 2015

    10 December 2015

    12x14 inch vip_invite [rek4]


    Oakley Philippines hosted the very first Collectors Event in Asia! It was Oakley heaven last November 26 at the OAKLEY VIP Event and the Official ribbon cutting ceremony of the newly re-launched Oakley Store at Bonifacio Global City. The event showcased the amazing collections of our dear friends Mel De Castro, Julius Burdeos, Edward Ganto, Von Luiz, Robert Comendador and Jerson Eric Suarez. All six collectors displayed their very best. Everyone was very competitive but at the same time supportive of each other. But in the end the people have spoken through their votes and Mel De Castro emerged as the winner and bagged both awards for Best Collection and Best Display winning the coveted Limited Edition Oakley Trophy from Oakley HQ, a Framed Limited Edition Print and a Jim Jannard signed Oakley Book. Edward Ganto and Julius Burdeos came in at a very close second for Best Collection and Best Display winning Framed Limited Edition Prints. All 6 Collectors showed their best and my opinion are all winners! It was also nice to meet the other enthusiasts there. Congratulations to everyone!


    amLCTBWgu679YRm9_f3o1TKb6V-FELiGmrv1-uNETIs hWh5Mt4TMNEHOkHhyRvAQTVdHnyilCNSoFnzPDilRCE Oakley Philippines VIP EVENT RFHXJdfCZOKV5Z-_DA3EX7XQt32lYqf_mNA66aAchF0 UnDsxlHGxM88YJ08njOLKamVD4zNs7w7uIcBYh82_cw

    For more photos, click here!
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  • Flash Sale On Watches

    7 October 2015

    Flash sale! We’re giving away 30% off our Minute Machine, 12 Gauge and Bottle Cap watches. Limited stocks only so hurry and cop some now!

    Check out our participating stores: Gforce – Trinoma, Newport, Mall of Asia; O store – Rockwell, GB3, SM Aura, Century City Mall

    oakley philippines watch sale

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  • Oakley Will Open A New Obsession Near You

    7 October 2015
    Oakley Philippines Coming Soon O stores

    A lot is happening this October! We’re opening 6 new Oakley stores near you. Be sure to be there on the opening dates for our surprise promos in store.

    Oakley Philippines Coming Soon O stores

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  • Oakley In Residence: Sydney Trip Promo

    7 October 2015
    feature image


    Get a chance to go on a trip to Oakley’s In Residence in Sydney, Australia! Just buy any eyewear in our stores to qualify for the draw. For more details, please refer to the photo or visit our stores. Good luck everybody! #OneObsession

    Oakley Philippines In Residences Trip

    Oakley In Residence: Sydney is a creative hangout space and pop-up skate spot where you can live out your skateboarding obsession through creativity. Curated by Eric Koston, Atiba Jefferson, Sean Malto, Curren Caples, the programming offers a weekly schedule of exhibitions, workshops, athlete meet ups, skate sessions, film screenings and more. With support from local Sydney athletes, artists, designers and photographers, the space is inspired by a shared love for Sydney as a skate destination and the creativity that it breeds.



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  • 3rd Oakley Golf Cup: Sherwood Hills Golf Club

    7 October 2015

    Oakley Philippines Golf Tournament


    MANILA, Philippines – Over 100 participants — composed of CEOs, celebrities, seasoned players, aspiring athletes, as well as golf enthusiasts from across the country — gathered at the Sherwood Hills Golf Club for the highly-anticipated 3rd Oakley Golf Cup, the annual fundraising tournament hosted by Oakley for the benefit of The Junior Golfers League (TJGL).

    Since 1975, Oakley, the renowned leader in eyewear and sport-specific gear, has continuously encouraged and supported aspiring sportsmen to nurture their athletic abilities by providing them not only with innovative gear to enhance their performance, but also by offering opportunities that allow active individuals to hone their skills through friendly competitions such as the Oakley Golf Cup.

    For the third year in a row, through the golf tournament, Oakley hopes to build a thriving competitive golf future for the country by developing the potential of young, talented golfers such as the TJGL, the grassroots development league of the Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines.

    Oakley Philippines Junior Golf

    After teeing off at 8 a.m., groups — composed of three guest players and one junior golfer from the TJGL — made their way around the challenging 18-hole course, whose definitive slopes were designed to test the skills of golfers of all levels.

    Oakley Philippines Golf 1

    The morning games were made more fun with surprising challenges that tested the skill, focus, and coordination of the players. These included fire and bubble diversions, as well as one challenge that required golfers to hit bob heads — which sported the sleek Oakley sports eyewear — before proceeding to the next hole. Despite the mini-tests, the seasoned players showed how a win is no stroke of luck as they served up an entertaining game before the excited spectators.

    051815 Oakley_0117

    051815 Oakley_0056

    At the tournament, Oakley also showed how the players could take their game to the next level by letting them experience firsthand its revolutionary eyewear collections and products such as the Prizm Golf Radarlock Path sunglasses, an essential gear for any competition.

    051815 Oakley_0025

    Aside from providing players protection against sun, wind, and impact, the Prizm fine-tunes vision by emphasizing colors where the eye is most sensitive to detail. This translates to better vision on the field and a unique, competitive advantage for players.

    Helping players push the limits further, Prizm’s lenses are optimized with unrivaled clarity and impact resistance, thanks to High Definition Optics, and are engineered to meet the uncompromising demands of world-class athletes. Prizm changes the game with a new definition of performance.

    Like Oakley’s other lines, the Prizm not only works on the sloping contours of the golf course, it also works great under any environment. Athletes will reap the same enhanced performance in whatever sport or game.

    After the friendly game on the green, scores were tabulated and winners were announced during the awarding ceremony. For the Men’s Division, Mark Telan was named Division D champion, Henry Batanones for Division C, Pablo Capati for Division B, and for Division A, Jorge Gallent was named winner again (two years in a row) with 70 strokes. The ladies proved their mettle on the course as well, with impressive scores. Grace Montilla was declared the champion for the Ladies Division.

    051815 Oakley_0194


    Seeing the veterans dominate the course with ease, the juniors were also inspired to win big. In the Kids Division, Paqo Barro proved he was the king of the hill with an impressive 71-stroke score.

    051815 Oakley_0189

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    7 October 2015




    Summer officially rolls in as Reef’s fashion collection featuring Swellular™ Technology debuts with a documentary on the Filipino surfing lifestyle. With the travelling surfer in mind, Reef is presenting its latest men and women’s footwear collection highlighted by the special premier of Surf 7107.



    Before the debut screening of Surf 7017, Reef featured its Rover Collection in head-to-toe outfits, reflective of Reef’s Just Passing Through mentality. Styles are relaxed yet cool, recalling laidback summers and great waves. The footwear highlights Reef Swellular™ Technology which is made up of three distinct layers.

    Reef Philippines Reef Swellular Technology

    First is a super-soft, contoured Swellular foam deck for comfort, then a medium-density Swellular midsole for support and finally, Reef’s signature Swellular high-density rubber outsole.

    “The Outsole is an example of Reef’s commitment to form and function, with tread patterns that mimic lines of ocean waves and ultimate comfort, support, traction, and versatility,” said Carlo Dionisio of Reef Philippines.

    Reef was formed in the early 80’s by Argentinian brothers Fernando and Santi Aguerre. Combining their strong entrepreneurial spirit with their passion for surfing, the brothers built Reef as the top sandal brand in La Jolla, California. Their innovative sandal design, the Striped Smoothy, known for its bold stripes and comfortable foot bed, has become a classic and continues to be a top seller.


    Today, Reef is a worldwide name in surfing that has grown beyond sandals. Reef has become an authentic surf brand offering men, women’s and kids’ innovative footwear and apparel.

    “Reef is a core surf company. We create authentic, comfortable and innovative products intended to inspire the surfer in all of us,” said Carlo.


    Surf 7107-La Union is a documentary produced by Reef that follows Filipino surfers in La Union. The positive impact of surfing in a small town where one of the country’s first surf schools was opened becomes evident. The community thrives as it grows into a tourist destination with surfing as the key attraction.


    There are job opportunities for surfing instructors as schools open, not to mention the related business generated from these activities.


    “Reef is a surf brand that not only cares about surfing and the lifestyle that goes with it, but also cares about the communities it helps and touches through surfing competitions, events, and environmental activities. This is the call to action of this documentary produced and supported by Reef Philippines,” he added.


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  • Oakley Madman & Badman Launch

    28 August 2015
    041615 Oakley_0061


    Oakley recently launched their polarized Madman and Badman sunglasses from their X-Metal Collectionlast April 16 at the URBN Bar in BGC.  Musician Kessenth Cheng and Oakley brand ambassador Jay Ortega entertained the audience with their set of songs.  Oakley also raffled the much coveted Badman and other Oakley’s bestseller sunglasses to the media.
    041615 Oakley_0086(Kessenth Cheng)

    041615 Oakley_0079(Oakley PH’s brand ambassador, Jay Ortega)

    The two new men’s sunglass models have finally arrived in the market, following a highly successful US debut.

    The Oakley Madman is a statement piece from the X Metal collection. These edgy Oakley sunglasses are constructed with a high-modulus, die cast aluminum and a combination of sandblasted O Matter for super lightweight, all-day-wear.
    041615 Oakley_0071

    As with all models of the X-Metal collection, Madman and Badman carry the industrial design language and durability that distinguishes Oakley sunglasses. Innovative design coupled with cutting-edge materials like lightweight diecast aluminium with O Matter, a durable stress-resistant frame material, highlight the Madman and Badman models.

    The Oakley Badman is from the Oakley X Metal Juliet design. The Badman sunglasses is suited for everyday use. These unique sunglasses are constructed with a combination of sandblasted O Matter with high-modulus, die-cast aluminum with custom engineered spring hinges.

    041615 Oakley_0072

    High Definition Optics is also integrated into Oakley sunglasses. This is a group of patented technologies that allow Oakley eyewear to meet or exceed the testing standards of the American National Standards Institute for optical clarity, visual fidelity, and impact resistance.

    Both sunglasses feature Plutonite Lens, one of the best materials for optical purity and clarity in eyewear today. They filter out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light, with UV protection derived from the lens material itself, and not just from a coating. Oakley HDPolarized lenses further contribute to sun protection by filtering 99% of reflected glare without the haze and optical distortion that can come with polarized lenses made with conventional manufacturing techniques.

    041615 Oakley_0099

    Aside from sun protection, Oakley performance eyewear is renowned for protection against high-velocity and high-mass impact. This can be attributed to the unique architecture and advanced premium materials used for Oakley lens and frame combinations.

    And then of course, there’s the Oakley-registered Unobtainium, a soft hydrophilic synthetic material that increases adhesion when wet. Used for earsocks and nose pads, this makes the frame grip better when a wearer perspires.

    All these innovations would be for naught without Oakley’s unique design aesthetic evident in the new Madman and Badman sunglasses.

    Madman gives off a frenetic energy with its roundish lenses, while Badman is its lighter but no less crazy good cousin with a slightly different silhouette.

     “No other eyewear brand comes near in design and innovation with Oakley,” said Carlo Dionisio, Marketing Manager of Factory Pilot for Oakley in the Philippines“Madman and Badman also come in Ferrari limited edition variants so we invite enthusiasts to check out these new Oakley sunglasses now, while they’re available.”

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  • 1st Wakefest at CamSur

    1 June 2015
    news 2

    Reef, a surf brand, recently held the first Reef Asian Wakefest at Camsur Watersports Complex in Camarines Sur. Reef’s surf-inspired products have been worn by millions around the world since 1984. Present during the wakefest were (from left) April Herce, marketing and sales manager of Meera Enterprises, Inc.; Jane Ortega, GM of Meera Enterprises, Inc; Brandon Thomas, Reef wakeskate rider and wakeskate champion; and Camarines Sur Gov. Lray Villafuerte.

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